A small disclaimer first: this guide supposes that you have the HEAD version of Neovim and that you know at least a little bit about Lua. If you don’t you can read this quick guide for Lua in Neovim.

Why use lua for your Neovim configuration?

Lua is very weel integrated with Neovim, and with LuaJIT, it is much faster than vimscript. If you are like me and never were a big fan of VimScript, then this guide will help you to get rid of most of your VimScript configurations.

Your configuration directory tree

First we will create a few directories in the .config/nvim directory. Let’s create the plugin directory, for…

nvim built in LSP at work

Edit: This article was update after the decision of the lspconfig team to delete the download option for some clients, and the moving to init.lua configuration file.


In the last few months I’ve been learning how to use vim, and more specifically neovim.

As a developper one of the most useful tool we have now is the LSP. So naturally I’ve been looking forward to neovim builtin LSP. But when it came i found it really hard to find any quick guide to set it up.

So I decided to create this guide after experimenting with nvim’s LSP to help…

Emilien Lemaire

Computer Sciences student studying compilers

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